Tuesday, August 21, 2012

5 Favorite Fashion Blogs

These are my top 5 fashion blogs.
Each girl has a different style, but I like them all.

1. Sophisticated
Wendy has an amazing style. She is so classy yet still fun and adventurous in her outfits. This is my very favorite fashion blog! I also love her youtube channel!

2. Wild
Jane has a very interesting style. Quite unusual, and very fun to look at. She also has some very amazing photography for her blog (just look at that picture....so pretty), which is always a plus.

3. Glamorous
Kristina is gorgeous! Her style is very fancy and glamorous, and she is only 18. It's quite funny to think that she is so young, because she seems so much older. But she really is beautiful.

4. Vintage

Nora's blog has incredible pictures, and I love how she does movie reviews. She wants to become a doctor, so that's cool, too.

5. Vintage/Boho
This girl has some very cute outfits. She is so pretty, too. And she is 17. I like seeing teen fashion bloggers, as well as adults. The outfit above is one of my favorites from her blog.

I find it interesting to see all of their unique styles, and I get lots of inspiration from them.
If you like any of these blogs, tell me in the comments, and if you would like me to do a post on my favorite youtube beauty gurus, I'll do that, too. =)

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